Fee Schedule

Sessions and Packages:

Full session: 90 minutes
Urbana: $120 • Chicago: $150 

Movement session: 45 minutes
Urbana: $60 • Chicago: $75 

•• Occasionally, people request sessions outside the normal time format. When such sessions are appropriate, they will be charged at a hourly rate.
Urbana: $80/hour • Chicago: $100/hour 

Series Packages:
Aston-Patterning is at its most powerful when experienced in a series of sessions that are spaced close together, so that the changes and new awareness achieved through each session are able to be maintained and built upon. These series packages are designed with that goal in mind.

  • 3 Session Series (2 full-length sessions and 1 movement session): 12% discount off of full price.  Recommended to be completed in 2-6 weeks. Must be completed in 2 months.
    • Urbana: $264 (discount of $36) • Chicago: $330 (discount of $45) 
  • 5 Session Series (3 full-length sessions and 2 movement sessions): 18% off of full price. Recommended to be completed in 6-8 weeks. Must be completed in 4 months.
    • Urbana: $398 (discount of $82) • Chicago: $498 (discount of $102) 

Discounted Rates for Young Performing Artists:

There is a limited amount of discounted sessions available each week for young artists (music, dance, and theater, up to and including university students). These sessions are offered at a significant discount for students who truly need them, so please request them only if they apply to your current financial situation.


SpecialOffersMusicians Holiday Survival Special:

Personalized Chair Ergonomics Lesson:
45 minutes for $50 (Urbana and Chicago)

Learn how to modify any chair to give you better comfort and support.

Group Lessons:

  • 60 minute sessions: appropriate for 2 to 3 people.
    • Total fee  Urbana: $90 • Chicago: $120 
  • 90 minute sessions: $150 total fee, appropriate for 3 to 4 people
    • Total fee  Urbana: $135 • Chicago: $180 

Group Lesson Packages:

These sessions were specifically created for students, young professionals, and others who want to experience Aston-Patterning, but can’t afford traditional sessions. Since group sizes are kept so small, each participant is able to receive a tremendous amount of individualized attention, while also benefiting from the feedback of their peers. The abbreviated private session is designed to be utilized in-between group lessons to give attendees even more personalized attention and to allow for hands-on bodywork as needed. If desired, these lessons can be extended into 8, 12, 0r 16 lesson packages with the same pricing structure.

  • 4 Session Series (1 1-hour private session and 3 group movement and ergonomic lessons. Also includes a private 15-minute evaluation prior to the first class. Available in 2 and 4 person class sizes.
    • Urbana: $175/pp for 2-person class • $122.50/pp for a 4-person class
    • Chicago: $200/pp for 2-person class • $150/pp for a 4-person class

Masterclasses and Workshops:

$150/hour (includes all printed materials). Travel time outside of Champaign-Urbana incurs an extra charge.

••Chicago fees reflect increased overhead and expenses related to working in Chicago. You are welcome to take a relaxing Amtrak or car ride to Urbana for downstate rates!

Fee schedule is current as of May, 2015.  Rates subject to change.  Payable by cash, check, or credit card.