Comments Master Class Participants...

piano"More people should know about this. Keep up the good work!"

- G.R., piano

flute"The ideas of “relaxing into Neutral” and coming into position from movement are really useful. I can really feel a difference - I’m more open inside."

- S.F., flute player

conductor3"Good ideas on posture improvements for arm movements."

-R.D., conductor

french-horn"Most useful is its direct relation to actual horn playing (in terms of tonguing, technical aspects/fingering, breathing, etc.)."

- L.S., horn

Comments from Music Professors...

clarinet"The Aston-Patterning® approach proved to be an extremely insightful and exciting method for teaching posture, balance and relaxed motion. Mrs. Farasat's teaching was direct and immediately applicable. She was able to focus the method toward young conducting students and performers. I highly recommend this approach for anyone facing physical challenges or interested in improving their physical technique in order to advance musicianship."

-Scott Teeple, Director of Wind Ensemble and Associate Professor of Music, University of Wisconsin

piano"I found your clinic both relevant and informative as a pianist and teacher. The concepts of "finding your own neutral" and "GRF" (Ground Reaction Force) were particularly compelling as relates to piano playing. Your dynamic approach and expertise made the class incredibly thought-provoking and inspiring. I look forward to exploring the approach more fully in the future!"

- Jessica Johnson, Assistant Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy, University of Wisconsin-Madison

french-horn"Amanda Skidmore Farasat has made a most positive effect on so many of our music students here at the UW in Madison. The follow-up from her visit, her group sessions and her private sessions, has been remarkable. My horn students have initiated conversations on many aspects, have felt improvement already in their posture and balance, and seem to have greater access to the air they need to improve their sounds and endurance.

Even the faculty involved in organizing her sessions have talked to me about personal improvements. Amanda's manner and message is extraordinarily positive and productive, providing great potential for further growth. People around here now know what Aston Patterning is about, and are requesting more sessions for even more information in the near future."

- Douglas Hill, Professor of Music-Horn, University of Wisconsin-Madison

french-horn"This approach to playing has given me new insight and great new direction to resonance."

- Gail Williams, Professor of Horn, Northwestern University

Comments from private clients...

ff6633"I first began working with Amanda Farasat in October 2006. She is a very skillful, perceptive, and responsive Aston-Patterning® practitioner. She carefully observes and listens to her clients and their particular needs and concerns. She has given me specific suggestions for my particular physical condition that have made me much more comfortable walking, sitting, standing, driving, singing, and playing piano. I have found her to be very knowledgeable about anatomy and movement, as well as how different kinds of musicians make use of their bodies during practice and performance.

Aston-Patterning’s use of momentum in action, along with hands-on bodywork, make it truly unique and effective. I have found Amanda to be very knowledgeable about anatomy and movement, as well as how different kinds of musicians make use of their bodies during practice and performance. I highly recommend Aston-Patterning for any practicing musician and singer, and Amanda Farasat as an especially skillful practitioner, with personal knowledge and experience working with musicians and singers."

- Alison Carlson, Falls Church, VA

850168"Several years ago I had a pain in my right arm. My trainer, Mary, told me about Amanda Farasat, who did a type of massage called Aston Patterning. Mary felt that perhaps Amanda could figure out what was wrong with me.

This was the beginning of a new experience for me. Amanda looked at my entire body (clothes on) and saw things I had never seen. I was standing crooked. One side was higher than the other and as a result, one shoulder was higher than the other. Through her skills she knew how to work on my body to help straighten me out. For the first time I liked getting a massage! Before and after the massage Amanda stood me in front of a mirror and I could actually see what the problems were and the difference after the massage. She gave me little exercises to practice at home to help. Now I know how to correct my imbalances- and my arm doesn't hurt!"

- Janet Penn, Baltimore, MD