Private Sessions

  • Full session: 90 minutes. Full sessions include a comprehensive postural, movement and muscle tension analysis, coupled with targeted hands-on bodywork, movement coaching and ergonomic education.
  • Movement-only session: 45 minutes. Movement sessions include an abbreviated postural and movement analysis with movement coaching and ergonomic education. They are appropriate for very targeted interests (e.g., sitting at the computer, making a car seat more comfortable, optimizing ergonomic support while playing an instrument), or in conjunction with a series of sessions.

How many sessions should you plan for?

The number of sessions needed to achieve lasting change varies widely from person to person, and is dependent upon many things, including your goals and how much time you devote to your homework in-between sessions. One session can suffice for focused goals such as optimizing the ergonomics of your office or car seat, but most people require at least three sessions to successfully address more complex objectives.

Group Lessons

Group lessons can be useful for people who have similar interests or goals, such as the same sport, musical instruments, or other activity (ex: gardening). Group lessons focus on movement coaching and ergonomics, without as much specificity as a private session. Size is limited to 2-4 people.

Master Classes or Workshops

Aston-Patterning’s teaching in ergonomics, posture, and releasing tension through movement translate well to larger class settings. Workshops can be geared toward most any population, including office workers, educators, public speakers, and members of the general public who just want to move more with more ease.


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