What is Aston-Patterning?

Aston-Patterning® is a system of bodywork that combines postural and muscle assessment with targeted massage, movement coaching and ergonomic training. The system has many applications, from reducing chronic musculoskeletal pain and improving posture, to optimizing performance of complex activities such as sports and music.

  • Do you experience physical tension in your daily activities?
  • Do you find yourself constantly correcting your posture?
  • Is your body keeping you from reaching your peak performance potential?

Everyone’s body is different. Aston-Patterning helps to release your long-held pain and tension patterns, guide you into a more optimal alignment, then teaches you how to use your unique body more effectively and efficiently. You will feel more physical comfort and support, as you to complete your activities with greater ease and enjoyment.

Discover the benefits of Aston-Patterning and begin living in your best body.

What can you expect from a session?

LeftQuoteMarkOver the years, I have tried virtually every kind of bodywork there is in order to relieve my pain, and to improve my posture and movement in daily activities. While each of these techniques have provided some limited relief, Aston-Patterning has had the most profound change both in my posture and movement.   – Alison Carlson

Need more information?

I look forward to answering your questions. Please feel free to contact me.

Amanda Skidmore
Certified Aston-Patterning Practitioner®, LMT

local to Denver, CO
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